About Us

FOOTINSOLE is specialized in functional insoles such as golf insoles, military insoles, safety & mountain climbing shoes insoles, women’s functional hiking insoles, children’s functional hiking insoles, men’s gel heel cups, women’s gel heel cups,  high heel pads and height insoles.
You would need FOOTINSOLE orthotic insoles if you suffer from flat feet, coms and hallux valgus. And orthotic insoles help you if you have X or O shaped legs and the length of your legs is different. Also, if your teenager has an unstable posture or deformed feet, you need FOOTINSOLE orthotic insoles.
FOOTINSOLE functional insoles make you can feel good to wear compare to other insoles using other material such as Silicone, EVA and PE.
FOOTINSOLE deodorizing insoles are aroma added and provide good smell. And the exterior which is made of silver thread material creates antimicrobial (antimicrobial insoles) and deodorizing effect.